People said about my Gentle Movements sessions:

“I enjoyed it so much and feel it was like having a delicious ‘movement bath’. My nervous system feels so soothed and calmed! I thought it was great and am looking forward to the next session.”

“I found it very enjoyable, very relaxing and left the session feeling much more peaceful than when I arrived.”

boeddha“Pleasant, calming, relaxing.”

“I was feeling so much more balanced after the session. My posture was straighter and I felt at ease.”

“I liked the caring attitude of the teacher.”

“At first I was a bit sceptical, but I do the exercises every day now and I love it. I have had difficulty sleeping for a long time, but I am sleeping much better now.”

“So relaxing and energising!”

“I have got a lot out of these sessions and have been able to clear my mind.”

“Moniek is fully immersed in the practices that she has combined into this powerful yet easeful sequence of gentle movements. She is in tune with the differing physiques, and abilities of group members, and is alert to the need to adapt exercises for an individual’s benefit.”

“These sessions helped me appreciate what I could achieve with my mobility problem.”

“You are a very good teacher and create a calm, peaceful atmosphere which I found very soothing.”


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